Research Interests

Students with a Macroinvertebrate sample
My research interests involve sampling macroinvertebrates in rivers and streams. Specifically, I am interested in documenting the taxa found in northern prairie rivers. This information can be used to examine biomonitoring of the river, document life history information for specific taxa, and examine population dynamics of specific taxa. I'm in the process of devising digitally based keys of taxa found in the rivers and streams of North Dakota. Recently we have placed a focus on sampling freshwater mussels in North Dakota rivers. We completed a statewide survey in 2008 - 2010 and continue to do smaller surveys on specific rivers.

A major focus of all my work is the involvement of undergraduate students. As a teaching professor I feel that field research is an important part of an undergraduate biology majors training. Currently my students and I are focusing our sampling on the Sheyenne River.
Mussel sampling on the Sheyenne River