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Anthony Dutton

Associate Professor/Department Chair

PhD History, North Dakota State University (2014)
MA History, University of North Dakota (2001)
BS Ed in History and Spanish, Valley City State University (1996)

I am an Assistant Professor in history at Valley City State University. My research focus is modern Mexico, but I teach courses primarily in US history as well as non-Western courses, the Atlantic world, and social science teaching methods.
Anthony Dutton Ph.D.

Fall 2017 Semester Courses

Course Name Course Title Section
CJ 390 Criminology and Delinquency 1
ECON 202 Principles of Macroeconomics 1
ECON 460 The Atlantic World 1
HIST 103 United States to 1877 1
HIST 376 U.S. Constit: Civil Liberties 1
HIST 470 Topics in Non-Western History 1
HIST 490 Methods of Tchg Social Science 1
POLS 376 U.S. Constit: Civil Liberties 1
POLS 395 Student Government Practicum 1
SPAN 399 Special Topics 1
SPAN 496 Travel Spanish Speak Country 1