Bob Anderson, Ph.D.

Greater Prairie Chicken
I joined VCSU in 2005 to develop the Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences program. This is a 4-year B.S. degree in Fisheries or Wildlife Science with students having the option of completing three different concentrations. The concentrations are a Wildlife Focus, Fisheries Focus, and/or a Conservation Law Enforcement Focus. The program has grown to nearly 70 students. The photo to the right is of a prairie chicken from one of the Ornithology field trips.

I teach the following courses:

Biol 121 - Introduction to Fisheries and Wildlife Management - Fall
Biol 122 - Fisheries and Wildlife Techniques - Spring
Biol 343 - Ornithology - Spring
Biol 355 - Mammalogy - Fall
Biol 411 - Wildlife Management - Fall
Biol 430 - Human Dimensions in Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences - Spring
Biol 455 - Introduction to Geographic Information Systems - Spring


Ph.D. - Biological Sciences - Biology, South Dakota State University
Dissertation Title:
"Movements, Productivity, and Band Recovery Analysis of Resident Canada Geese in Eastern South
B.S. - Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences, South Dakota State University
A.S. - Wildlife Management, Minot State University-Bottineau

The photo below is of the VCSU Necropsy lab room. Here a necropsy of a white-tailed deer buck was performed for lab in Biol 411 - Wildlife Management class.
Deer Necropsy