This preliminary list of web sites provides useful information on research in education.  Right-click if you want to open a new browser window.


General Sites

1.     Search ERIC

2.     Recognizing Plagiarism

3.     AllPsych Online

4.     Current Issues in Education

5.     Education Week

6.     U.S. Department of Education

7.     Education Resources Information Center (ERIC Database)

8.     The Statistics Teacher Network newsletter

9.     American Statistical Association

10.   Journal of Statistics Education

11.   Education Virtual Library

12.   AACE listing of several Electronic/Online Journals

13.   International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Check out the Publications

14.   APA Ethics Information

15.   Constructivism and Instructional Design

16.   Student-Centered Learning by Barbara Nanny

17.   Listing of Educational Technology Organizations on the Web

18.   emerging Technologies (emTech)

19.   National Center for Education Statistics

20.   APA Style - citing electronic media

21.   A Guide for Educators

Basic Statistical Concepts

1.     Electronic Statistics Textbook

2.     A New View of Statistics by Hopkins presents a good overview of basic concepts.

3.     Introduction to statistics - another online textbook that covers basic content.  If you prefer to go directly to the first section and proceed from there, click here.  If you have a more sophisticated interest in statistics, you might be interested in the HyperStat Online Textbook index.

4.     Statistics - measures of central tendency (central location) and measures of variation.

5.     The Normal Distribution

6.     Frequency Distributions

7.     Calculate z-scores

8.     Types of data and ways to summarize them

9.     More information on summarizing data

10.   Standard deviation

11.   Measures of Reliability and Validity

12.   Identifying a Population and Sample - introduction, connect, apply, reflect, extend

13.   Scales of Measurement

Research Methods

1.     The Educator's Reference Desk - Research Methods

2.     Qualitative Research in Information Systems

3.     The Qualitative Debate

4.     A Look at Qualitative Research

5.     Qualitative Research for Instructional Technology

6.     The Qualitative versus Quantitative Debate

7.     Characteristics of Quantitative and Qualitative Research

8.     Brochures about Survey Research

9.     Learning Modules

10.   Qualitative Research Resources

11.   Qualitative Research Bibliography

12.   International Journal of Qualitative Methods

13.   Ethnographic Research

14.   Resources for Survey Researchers

15.   Sources of Threat to Internal Validity

16.   Brochures about Survey Research - ASA Series

17.   Using case-study analysis

Research Papers/Reports

1.     What are research reports and why would I write one?

2.     Writing a Research Paper

3.     Tips for writing a research proposal

4.     Proposal writer's guide

5.     American Psychological Association (APA) Style Workshop

6.     Guidelines for Research Proposals

7.     Evaluating Reports of Research

8.     Guide to Course Materials ppts

9.     A Cautionary Note: How Difficulties Can Arise from Combining Statistics Carelessly

10.   Checklist for Evaluating a Research Report 

11.   Evaluating Sources for the Technical Research Report - interactive exercise

12.   Stronger Designs for Research on Educational Uses of Technology: Conclusions and Implications

13.   A Knowledge Base for the Teaching Profession: What Would It Look Like and How Can We Get One?

14.   The Proposal in Qualitative Research

Action Research

1.     Teacher Research Process - Home

2.     The Process of Teacher Research

3.     The AEL Guide to Action Research

4.     An action research model

5.     How is action research defined?

6.     Action Research Resources

7.     Action Research Theses

8.     An Introduction to Action Research

9.     Teacher Action Research

10.   An Action Research Module

11.   Action Research Websites

12.   Action Research - NCREL

13.   Action Research - emTech listings

14.   Action Research  updated links

15.   An Action Research Project

16.   Traditions of Action Research - infed

17.   Research to Practice:Guidelines for Planning Action Research Projects

18.   Action Research Digest

19.   Educational Action Research  Journal

20.   action research international - Journal

21.   Grounded Theory Resource Paper/Action Research

22.   Google search results for instructional technology

Technology in Educational Research

1.     Teach for Tomorrow

2.     Assessment and rubric information

3.     NASA  Advanced Technology Applications for Education

4.     Interactive Multimedia Applications in Science Education: A Review of Related Literature

5.     Formative Evaluation for Implementation: Evaluating Educational Technology Applications and Lessons

6.     PBS TeacherSource: Technology and Teaching

7.     AAUW Executive Summary: Tech-Savvy: Educating Girls in the New Computer Age (2000)

8.     AACE Digital Library - a valuable journal site

9.     ISTE Publications - with links to the Journal of Research on Technology in Education

10.   Teaching, Learning and Computing: 1998 - a national survey of schools and teachers with a link to many TLC reports

11.   Raising Student Achievement with Technology - with several links to research projects

12.   Instructional Technology links from the Yahoo! Education directory

13.   Research Software

14.   Qualitative research software products

15.   Qualitative data analysis software



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