Luis Da Vinha

Assistant Professor of Geography & Political Science

Ph.D. International Relations, University of Coimbra (Portugal)
M.A. Geography, University of Coimbra (Portugal)
B.A. Geography, University of Coimbra (Portugal)

Luis da Vinha is Assistant Professor of Geography and Political Science. His scholarly and intellectual interests include American Politics, Comparative Politics, Foreign Policy Analysis, International Relations, International State-building, Political Geography, and Security and Development. He has taught at the University of Coimbra (Portugal) and the Higher Institute of Educational Sciences (Portugal) and is a guest researcher at CEGOT - the Centre of Studies on Geography and Spatial Planning (Portugal) and a member of the Group of Advanced Studies on Peace and International Conflict (Brazil). Prior to joining VCSU, he lived in Europe for two decades where he worked in the field of planning and development and was active in politics, namely as a publicly elected official. More recently he was the Head of the Geographic Information Bureau of the City of Coimbra (Portugal) and the Local Dissemination Manager for the European project CIVITAS Modern.

He teaches the following courses: American National Government; Comparative Politics; Geography of North America; History of Economic Thought; Human Geography; I.S. - Democracy and Development; I.S. - Geography & Geopolitical Thought; I.S. - Geography & International State-building; International Relations; S.T. - Political Parties & Elections; S.T. - Research in Political Science; State and Local Government; Survey of Geography; The American Presidency.

Luis Da Vinha Ph.D.

Spring 2018 Semester Courses

Course Name Course Title Section
CJ 416 Corrections: Inst & Comm 1
ECON 314 History of Economic Thought 1
GEOG 111 Survey of Geography 1
GEOG 111 Survey of Geography 2
GEOG 151 Human Geography 1
GEOG 494 Undergraduate Research 1
HIST 314 History of Economic Thought 1
POLS 499 Special Topics 1