Communication Arts/Social Science Division Senior Semimar:   Portfolio Class

 (English 491; Spanish 491, History 491, Sociology 491)

Fall 2003   Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10:15-11:00  Six Weeks Only

This six weeks course is designed to help you organize and develop your senior portfolio to meet the digital portfolio graduation requirement. 

Divisional requirements for the Senior Portfolio are quite straight-forward: 

  1. It must be digital (we recommend Powerpoint).
  2. You must use mapped abilities and projects for four, required  "Divisional" Abilities.
  3. The fifth is your choice, and must be "mapped" using an approval form provided by your instructor; exceptions not on the divisional "map" also require the approval form. 
  4. Education students must meet education requirements (demonstrating planning, implementing, evaluating) in addition to divisional requirements, for a total of eight abilities.
  5. The presentation must use technology effectively--make your point, use good design principles, and minimize the glitz.
  6. Your reflective statementsfor each ability must demonstrate a clear relationship between the project and the ability
A satisfactory grade in this course requires completion of all the activities covered in weeks 1-4: 
  • Hyperlinked template
  • Main page/contents page
  • Background and buttons selected/inserted
  • Resume completed and linked
  • Each page planned and contents selected
  • Fifth Ability is selected and approval form is completed
  • One Ability page completed, including acceptable reflective statement
  • Completion plan submitted (see week 6)
Week 1:  Review examples; create template in Powerpoint; review divisional map for projects; read Portfolio book (available in "helpful documents" folder), open and print your program's ability map: English,   History, Social Science,   Human Resources, and  Spanish.

Week 2:  Make main page for template; hyperlink pages together; decide on buttons and background

Week 3:  Complete resume; learn to screen capture (insert on resume page, crop, link to resume); complete plan for each page--identify abilities and select projects for each.  Select and "map" fifth Ability using divisional form.

Week 4:  Write reflective statements.  Complete one Ability with an acceptable reflective statement

Week 5:  Workshop week--trouble shooting; work on other Abilities.  Ideally you would have your five Ability pages done at this point, except, of course, you may not have completed projects yet in some classes that you intend to showcase in your portfolio.  Education students and those with internships left to complete will also still have empty pages.

Week 6:  Show and tell.  We will use two evaluation tools to help you assess your work at this point, and you will write a plan for completion.