Publication 2

(2) Large Solutions of Elliptic Equation u = H(x,u) when H(x,u) is non-monotone in u, International Journal of nonlinear Operators Theory and Applications, Vol. 2, No.1-2, 2007, pp33-61.
Abstract: A general method of constructing constant mean curvature (CMC) immersions and imbeddings of B2 = {z  C | |z| < 1} into H3 determined by a prescribed Hopf differential is presented. The existence and uniqueness of such an immersion and/or embedding is characterized in terms of a sub-solution of the elliptic PDE with boundary blow-up u = (1 – c2)|A|2e-2u + e2u on B2, where u(z)   as
|z|  1-.
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