Alan Olson


Dr. Alan Olson is a graduate of Ada High School in Minnesota, and a college graduate of Valley City State University. Al earned his master's degree at Northern State University in Aberdeen, South Dakota and completed his doctoral degree in Teaching and Learning at the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks, ND. Al and Trisa Olson have three children: Clarissa, Jacob, and Isaac (and a daughter-in-law, Katie).

Through the course of each academic year, Dr. Olson teaches and advises both graduate and undergraduate students. His duties also involve work with assessment and accreditation for the School of Education and Graduate Studies.
Alan Olson Ph.D.

Spring 2020 Semester Courses

Course Name Course Title Section
EDUC 450 Trends:Assessmnt & Ed Issues 3
EDUC 450 Trends:Assessmnt & Ed Issues 4
EDUC 491 Senior Portfolio 1
EDUC 491 Senior Portfolio 3
EDUC 491 Senior Portfolio 2